Why should I get Pepts on a subscription?

Find out more about what are subscriptions, how do they work and why this is better than a one time purchase.



You instantly get a lower price when you purchase Pepts on subscription



You don’t have to think about refilling your stock.



When it comes to health – the regime is pretty important. Skipping a few days or weeks may bring you out of comfort.



You get a top priority to our stock in front of customers who just make a one time purchase.



Available only to customers on a subscription.



PEPTS is rapidly growing and those who will be our continuous customers will have access to our new health products.

15% discount


monthly savings


saving per year


saving per 3 years

Auto-ship subscription

So, how much money can I save?

By subscribing to Pepts, you’re not only investing in your health but also your financial well-being. Let’s break down the substantial savings you’ll enjoy over time:

Monthly savings

With the Pepts reJoint priced at $149.99 per month, your subscription unlocks an instant 15% discount. This means you pay only $127.49 monthly, securing an immediate $22.50 in savings each month.

Yearly savings

Over the course of a year, those monthly savings add up significantly. Multiply your monthly savings of $22.50 by 12 months, and you’ll enjoy an astonishing $270 in annual savings.

Long-term benefits

Now, consider the long-term impact. If you continue your Pepts reJoint subscription for a few years, the savings become even more impressive. Over three years, your cumulative savings could amount to a remarkable $810.

That’s right – by simply opting for a subscription, you not only receive a continuous supply of the Pepts reJoint you love but also save a substantial amount over the months and years. It’s a smart choice for your health and your wallet, ensuring you receive the best value for your commitment to optimal joint health. Make the most of your investment – choose Pepts and experience the rewards of both improved well-being and substantial savings.


How does this actually work?

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What if I change my mind?

No worries. You have full control of your subscription.

Just log into your account on pepts.com and manage your subscription yourself.
If you are not confident with this – we can manage your subscription for you on a request via email.

How can I manage my subscription?

What features does my account have?

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Pause the subscription

If you feel you have enough stock for now or you wanna take a break – you can pause it for 15 or even 30 days twice a year.

Change the product

You can actually change the product you will get. It can be a nice way to try different Pepts products.

Change the quantity

You can change the quantity or even add a different product to your order.

Change the address

You can change the shipping address for the next delivery any time you need.

Change payment card

Want to pay with a different credit card? You can change the payment method any time.

Cancel a subscription

You can cancel a subscription any time you feel you don’t need it any more. No questions. Everything is under your control.

Will I get notified in time?

We don’t want to extra bother you so you will be notified only with the most important occasions.

We will email you three days before each recurrent order will be actually shipped, so you could have a look at it and make sure everything is fine.

After each billing cycle you will receive automatic receipt via email.

Subscription terms and conditions

Our return and refund policy does not apply to subscription plans. All sales under your subscription are final.

All subscription orders successfully charged are final and cannot be canceled. Subscription orders are non-refundable and orders are not eligible for returns regardless of condition.

Contact us if you need to change your subscription settings. We are happy to manage your subscription for you.

Ready to get started? Pick a product

Pepts reJoint

$149.99 or $127.49 / month

Pepts reMuscle

$149.99 or $127.49 / month

Pepts reVein-reBrain

$149.99 or $127.49 / month

Pepts reVision

$149.99 or $127.49 / month