About us

We are Pepts and brand operated by a US company 23 Century LLC.

Pepts is pioneering manufacturing of targeted short peptides in North America. We strongly believe that natural, targeted, short peptides are the future of nutrition. Understanding of human physiology and peptides somewhat changed over the last 50 years. 

A macronutrient belief that food breaks down to amino acids, fats, and carbohydrates is replaced with a scientific concept that food is broken down to peptides.

We only work with natural, short peptides developed by Prof. Vladimir Khavinson PhD., under the IPH line.

We use exclusively short peptides as they have proven high health efficacy. Short peptides are natural signal molecules that signal "how to behave" to specific tissues in the body. They are a perfect and natural genetic instruction for regenerating and developing healthy and young body tissues. 

What makes our peptides different from others available on the market is that they are natural and not synthetic. They are made from food, they are healthy nutrition.

What Pepts are not: They are not a synthetic pharmaceutical, not a synthetic hormone, not a synthetic steroid - which all may have long-term side effects on human health. 

Our formulations are unique and target five types of tissues - organs - systems - and genes. 

Pepts ReMuscle targets all of the muscular system, heart muscle strength and wellbeing, and ACTN3 and MSTN genes. 

Pepts ReJoint targets the skeletal system of the body, specifically the joints and the COMP gene responsible for the formation of healthy cartilage and bone. 

Pepts ReVein targets the vascular circulatory system, specifically veins, and arteries. It activates ACE, AGT, AGTR2, NOS3, AND MTHFR genes. 

Pepts Reimmune targets the immune system, precisely the thymus's efficiency and health. It supports healthy, healthy, and active immune function, i.e., lymphoproliferative activity, healthy levels of basophils, plasmocytes, phagocytes, T- and B- lymphocytes, and their subpopulations. 

Pepts ReVision is an exception to the Pepts targeting as it targets eye health through the delivery of vision health critical nutrients to the eye through the circulatory system. ReVision supports vision acuity, macular health, night vision, and eye relaxation.