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The entire line of Pepts products is based on natural (not synthetic) short peptides. These protein chains fit perfectly into the tissues of the human body.

Higher vision performance with Pepts reVision

Experience higher performance and clarity with our advanced formula designed to support eye health. Whether you are an athlete or someone seeking to maintain optimal eye function, Pepts reVision is here to elevate your vision to new heights.

No more joint pain with Pepts reJoint

Say goodbye to knee or elbow pain with Pepts reJoint. Our revolutionary formula targets the root cause of discomfort promoting rapid relief and improved joint function. Experience the joy of pain-free movement and reclaim your active lifestyle with the power of Pepts reJoint.

Improve circulation with Pepts reVein–reBrain

Our innovative formula targets the vascular system promoting healthy veins and arteries. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enhanced blood flow as  vital nutrients and oxygen are delivered to your body’s tissues.

Body works like a champ with Pepts reMuscle

Our powerful formula is designed to support the muscular system – enhancing strength, endurance, and overall performance. Fuel your workouts and achieve new levels of athleticism with Pepts reMuscle.

What are peptides?

Fast short-chain targeted peptides are a breakthrough in the field of natural peptide therapy. These peptides are composed of short chains of amino acids that  target and interact with specific tissues in the body, delivering rapid and precise results.

Unlike longer peptides or proteins, fast short-chain targeted peptides work quickly because of their small size and ability to penetrate cell membranes efficiently. By directly targeting specific areas, these peptides can initiate biological responses and promote healing, regeneration, and optimal functioning of the targeted tissue.

The fast-acting nature of these peptides makes them highly effective for addressing various health concerns and achieving targeted results. Experience the power of fast short-chain targeted peptides and unlock your body’s potential for optimal health and well-being.

The targeted aspect of these peptides is what sets them apart. They are designed to interact with specific receptors or binding sites on cells initiating a cascade of cellular responses. Peptides can exert their effects directly at the site of action optimizing their efficacy and minimizing potential side effects.

Peptides work by modulating various biological processes within the body. They can stimulate the production of specific proteins, promote tissue regeneration, regulate immune responses, enhance cellular communication, and support overall physiological functions.

We sponsor world-class Olympic athletes

At Pepts, we take immense pride in supporting athletes who strive for excellence and push the boundaries of human performance. We are honored to have sponsored silver-medal-winning Olympic athletes, who demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill, at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Pepts helped me to keep concentration and increase body strength and stamina while preparing to olympics in Tokyo.



Greco-Roman Wrestling Olympic Champ

Pepts reJoint

$149.99 or $127.49 / month

Pepts reMuscle

$149.99 or $127.49 / month

Pepts reVein-reBrain

$149.99 or $127.49 / month

Pepts reVision

$149.99 or $127.49 / month
What are short peptides?

Short peptides amino acid chains connected with a peptide bond. They are information carriers within the body, which send a specific instruction to the body tissues.

Are the Pepts peptides natural?

Unline many companies all Pepts peptides are made from natural materials, without use of synthetic peptides.

What is the content of the Pepts peptide supplements?

All Pepts contain different targeted peptides, built into a matrix of building materials which the body will need to maintain specific tissue health.

How can I be sure that your peptides are pure?

Our peptides are natural, targeted and pure. We use only the IPH grade peptides, and manufacture in an FDA, ISO, UL registered and compliant facility in California, USA.

Are your peptides FDA approved?

Peptides are supplements. Supplements in the USA are not approved by the FDA, only medicines are. Our peptides are FDA, DSHEA and FD&C compliant. We do all the necessary testing as far as identity of ingredients, purity of ingredients, absence of contaminants.

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At PEPTS, we are passionate about revolutionizing health and wellness through the power of natural, targeted short-chain peptides. As a pioneering brand in North America, we believe that peptides are the future of nutrition. With a deep understanding of human physiology and decades of scientific advancements, we have harnessed the potential of peptides to create a range of exceptional products that promote optimal well-being.

Our Product Range:

  1. Pepts reJoint: Experience the transformative power of Pepts reJoint, our flagship product designed to support joint health. This natural, short-chain peptide formula targets the skeletal system, promoting the formation of healthy cartilage and bone. Say goodbye to joint discomfort and embrace a life of mobility and vitality.
  2. Pepts reMuscle: Unlock your true physical potential with Pepts reMuscle. This specialized peptide formulation targets the muscular system, enhancing muscle strength, promoting muscle tissue regeneration, and optimizing performance. Achieve your fitness goals and elevate your athletic performance with the power of natural peptides.
  3. Pepts reVein: Support your circulatory system with Pepts reVein. This innovative peptide solution targets veins and arteries, promoting vascular health and circulation. By activating essential genes, such as ACE, AGT, AGTR2, NOS3, and MTHFR, Pepts reVein contributes to improved cardiovascular well-being.
  4. Pepts reImmune: Boost your immune system’s efficiency and overall health with Pepts reImmune. This advanced peptide formula targets the thymus, supporting optimal immune function. By promoting healthy lymphoproliferative activity and maintaining balanced immune cell levels, Pepts reImmune empowers your body’s defense system.

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Why Choose PEPTS:

  1. Superior Quality: Our peptides are carefully sourced and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring purity and potency. We prioritize quality and efficacy in every product we offer.
  2. Scientific Expertise: Backed by extensive research and developed under the guidance of renowned experts, our peptide formulations are at the forefront of innovation in the field of nutrition.
  3. Transformative Results: Experience the power of natural peptides that work at the genetic level, promoting self-renewal and regeneration for improved health and vitality.
  4. Trust and Reliability: At PEPTS, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and building trust with our valued customers. Your well-being is our top priority.

Embrace the Future of Nutrition: Discover the transformative potential of short-chain peptides and unlock a new level of well-being. Buy peptides from PEPTS, your trusted source for high-quality natural peptide solutions. Invest in your health and experience the power of peptides today.